Last year I went with Kayla & Jeremy to Iceland.  What turned out as a joking reply to Kayla's post on Instagram turned into me buying a ticket to Iceland, and then a few months later going with them!  These two are amazing.  I've been lucky enough to do their engagement photos and their wedding in Colorado, so to be able to travel with them was really a joy.  We had an amazing time there for a week doing lots of hiking and sight seeing, eating good food and enjoying Icelandic beer.  One night we even kept getting up to check to see if we'd catch a glimpse of the northern lights from our AirBnB, which we didn't (lame!).  

On our last day in Vik, we did a couples session for Kayla & Jeremy in probably the worst weather we could have ever asked for to take photos.  The wind was whipping everywhere and it was COLD.  We actually ended up having to leave our AirBnb early and heading back to the capitol of Iceland where the airport is so that we wouldn't get stranded in Vik because of snow and miss our flights!  Even though the weather was pretty terrible, we had so much fun.  We got smacked on the butt with waves, soaking wet on the black sand beach, and laughed our butts off.  Since it was so cold, we headed back to where we were staying and changed into some warmer clothes and finished our photo session on the grounds of our AirBnb, which was a sheep farm. 

The entire trip was magical, and if you want to see more of the photos I got from it you can check out the "Kayla & Jeremy Iceland Adventure Photography" blog that I've already done.