Karly & Jon are one of those couples that you don't even need to pose.  They just snuggled up together all cute and made each other laugh and I was just along for the ride snapping away with my camera!  I really love taking engagement photos for couples who's wedding I am doing because it gives me a chance to gauge how much guidance they need when it comes to having their photo taken.  

Needing lots of guidance isn't a bad thing at all (you should see me try to have my photos taken with my hubs!).  But doing an engagement session with your photographer will help them determine the best way to get you and your love warm in front of the camera and moving fluidly and naturally, especially on your wedding day when you may not have nearly as much time to get photos of the two of you that you have at your engagement session!

Another reason to have engagement photos done--get yourself warmed up to the camera!  Not only is it your photographer who will be so happy to take photos of you before your wedding day, you will too!  I will be the first to admit that having that intimidating camera in your face is not always the most fun, but with some practice and proper communication and posing from your photographer--it can be a breeze! 

I usually say to my couples, "the first 15 minutes of anything new is usually pretty awkward".  And you know what, if that's true for your and your love, THAT'S OKAY!  It's my job as your photographer to lighten the mood, get you posed up with some fun and movement-inducing prompts, and encourage you that you're rocking it!

9 out of 10 times, couples come into engagement shoots and are nervous that they won't look natural or feel like themselves when they look back at the photos.  I can also say that 9 out of 10 times, couples usually love their engagement photos and consider them a treasure and testament to the exciting time that is being engaged. 

So, with all that to say, Karly and Jon absolutely knocked their engagement session out of the park.