I can't believe it's been so long and I definitely forgot to blog this, which is embarrassing.  These two weirdos were the craziest people ever to work with and they made me climb up tons of mountains with a ton of gear on my back and then I could barely catch my breath at the top before we started taking photos.  What kind of people do that?


If you know me, Zack, and Erin at all you know that all that stuff I said at the beginning of this blog about them being crazy is a total joke (they're crazy but in a good way).  My brother and Erin have been together for 7 years.  SEVEN YEARS.  They started dating when my bro was a freshman in high school and Erin was a senior!  No break ups, no "breaks", and they're the only person the other's ever dated.  I'm going to be a ball of tears at their wedding because they're so stinkin' cute and I have loved Erin like a sister for the longest time.  It's about dang time they get married!

We had so much fun literally running up mountains to take these photos (it was definitely a workout, though!) in Rocky Mountain National Park while we were on family vacation.  They were such great sports about scrambling over the rocks to get to the perfect location, and realize that they were doing a lot of this in the clothes they're wearing here!

They're great and I love them and they're getting married in May and you better believe I'm gonna blog the heck outta their wedding!