The excitement around maternity photos is always so fun, but for me this session was extra special because this is my brother and sister in law! They told us that they were going to have a baby on Christmas morning along with my parents, and it honestly just made it the best Christmas ever. It was definitely the Christmas with the most happy tears!

We went to one of our favorite photo spots, McConnell's Mills, and had the most fun checking out the giant rocks and being weirdos in the woods. It was just a year ago that we were there taking their one year wedding anniversary photos, and it's so crazy how much has changed since then! I tend to get nervous before sessions, even after 8 years of doing this, but with my brother and his wife it's easy to pose them and make them laugh. Maybe it's because I can just tell my brother to shut up if he gives me sass. We got the most beautiful sunset this evening, and the golden light made the colors of the woods as well as Erin's dress pop so much. In Pittsburgh, it's always hit or miss if we're going to get a good sunset or not, and I am so glad that we did for their session!

To say that I'm excited for these two would be a major understatement! I always hoped that my brother and I would have kids around the same time, and I'm so excited for my son to be able to grow up with a cousin that's close in age to him. Erin and Zack are going to be the best parents, and their little girl is already so incredibly loved. I cannot wait until she makes her arrival some time late next month!