This is the most personally emotional wedding that I have ever shot, and it's because this is my little brother and his now wife's wedding! My brother and I are incredibly close, and Erin has felt like a sister for me for years now--so you can imagine what an honor it was to capture their wedding day. 

Erin and Zack were together for 7 years before they tied the knot on May 18, 2019.  DANG that's a long time!  And what's even more amazing is that there were no breakups during that time.  No "taking a breaks" or anything like that.  Seven years of dating through high school and college for the both of them.  My brother actually graduated college just one week before his wedding! 

I love them both more than I can express, and I was honored that they wanted me to be their wedding photographer.  It was so fun to have my family see what I do for my job as well as just be able to hang out with them all day.  The craziest thing was that I had to step away and be in some of the family photos which was a first for me aside from my own wedding. 

I'm so happy for the family that God has blessed me with.  2019 has been a doozy for all of us, and it was so great to get together for such a happy occasion and just celebrate the life that we have together.