So 2020 is definitely off to a...rough...start to say the least.  With the virus messing with pretty much every single facet of my life and business, this rooftop engagement session was a *very* welcome session.  If you know anything about me, you know that I'm allllll for the urban city type shots, and parking garages are one of the best ways to get those in Pittsburgh.  Dana and Larry wanted to do their session at the top of this location, which is one of my favorites, but I wanted to get them on top of one that I've only taken a handful of couples to.  

Pittsburgh did NOT disappoint.  I mean, how could it?  It's the city of champions.  If you want to fight me on that I will fight you because it's the best city in the US.  BOOM. But for real, we had the most beautiful skies and we of course in true PGH fashion had to move our shoot up an hour due to incoming rain.  That was okay though because these two are straight up models and rocked their session. 

I've had a few sessions since the counties that I do most of my work in have gone into the virus "green phase" of reopening, but this one just hit a little different for me.  I can't really say why, but I feel like I needed it and it helped me get those creative juices really a-flowin' in my heart and mind.  Hopefully, with every finger and toe crossed, weddings can start to happen on a more regular basis for me and I can get into busy season.  

As much as I'm trying to savor this time of slowness, with all my weddings being pushed either to the fall or to next year, I can't help but feel like a little bit of a funk and be a bit nervous about the future of the industry that I'm in.  I've never had a wedding season pushed back FOUR months before, and let me tell creativity and my wallet are feelin' it.  But I'm trusting that there's a reason all this is happening at this time for me, and trying to lean into the slower days with thankfulness and trust that it's just what I need right now. 

But enough about me and my feelings, let's get to Dana & Larry and their phenomenal rooftop engagement session.