Breanna & Joseph got married on a beautiful, sunny Saturday evening at Hartwood Acres.  Man, was it an honor to be a part of their day.  The two decided to elope together with just myself and their pastor, and I can't express what a privilege it was to be the photographer to document their day.  

There's just something so romantic about elopements.  Just two people in love, deciding to spend the rest of their life together.  Plain and simple.  Even if you have the biggest wedding ever with all your friends and family (which is also amazing--by the way!), at the end of the day what it really boils down to is you two, the newly married couple.  That's what matters the most, the fact that you two love each other so much that you decided to make a covenant promise to each other to love, support, and cherish each other.  Taking photos of elopements is always a beautifully simple reminder of what a wedding day is all about.  

These two were so much fun to take photos of as well.  They were not afraid to get a little silly and have a good time, which always makes for the most wonderfully real and authentic photos.  Not to mention that Breanna was such a stunningly beautiful bride and Joseph was so handsome rocking his bow tie!  We set up for the ceremony at Hartwood Acres Mansion and then headed to the woods for some woodland portraits of the two of them post-ceremony.  Lastly, in true Pittsburgh fashion, the couple went to Primanti Bro's for dinner afterward (and I just couldn't help but snag a photo of them in front of that neon sign!)

Breanna & Joseph, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your day.